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Therapy Unwound

Role: Audio Engineer, Producer, Editor

Welcome to Therapy Unwound, a Podcast to help you understand the world of therapeutics. With Jenny Walker, an advanced clinical massage therapist and anatomy nerd with 20 years of knowledge, comes with it a unique voice to the subject, bringing together evidence-based research, practical experience and therapeutic knowledge to advance your own understanding of health and wellbeing. As well as Jenny, there will be appearances and interviews with industry experts, innovators and educators to bring a breadth of experience to you.

This Hockey Pod

Role: Creator, Editor, Producer, Host

A Canadien, Englishmen and an Expat walk into an ice rink...


Channelle, Molly and Jeremy share their thoughts on the week just gone in the NHL and cover Hockey Culture. Ranging from the weeks top stories, weird going-ons on and off the rink, grading hockey fashion and being overly optimistic about the Sharks, Leafs and Avs :)

Security Horizons

Role: Creator, Editor, Producer, Host

Weekly Defence and Security show covering the major topics you need to know about from the week just gone.

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