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FBI Hacks Into Criminal Networks | Troops Pulling out of Afghanistan Security Horizons

WE ARE BACK! Security Horizons is back and in video form this time, no more just voice over! Today, we cover the FBI creating their own app to 'hack' into criminal organisations in the ANOM story. Hundreds of criminals around the world were just communicating without knowing everything was being seen by security forces. We follow up with a look at the troop withdrawal in Afghanistan, and how the government has been set up to fail by decades of mismanagement by allied military forces. We also cover the Sri Lanka Oil Spill, a Q&A covering Russian opposition groups and the readiness of infrastructure against cyber attacks, and finish up with links of the week!¬†ūüö®Discord Link:¬†¬†– Join our Discord to be part of the Q&A and have a discussion with us throughout the week!LINKS OF THE WEEK:Drones:My Article:¬† St. Journal Article (sub required) : PEOPLE REALLY WERE FILLING UP BAGS WITH PETROL Harris Video on Volcanosūüö®Theme by Benjamin Morganūüö®You can follow Jeremy Walker on Twitter:‚Ä謆ūüö®And Twitch:‚Ä謆ūüö®Discord Link:ūüö®Subscribe to the Security Horizons YouTube channel while you're at it!¬†Sources and Links:Cybersecurity News: Fire:¬†¬†Afghan Governance: Lankan Oil Spill:¬†Russian Opposition:¬† of Protection of Vital Services: See for privacy and opt-out information.
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