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Fascia, Trigger Points & Star Wars Therapy Unwound

Hey guys! This week we're starting off a brand new series covering Fascia and Trigger points! As mentioned in the interview with Mike Carlton, Fascia and Trigger points are some of the most common yet overlooked parts of therapy. With Jenny bringing up a wild analogy to Star Wars, it's sure going to be an interesting series! Subscribe now so as to not miss an episode!🚨 Jenny can be found on Instagram: | and LinkedIn:🚨 Podcast email:🚨 Therapy Unwound Ko-Fi:🚨 Jeremy Walker Media: | Twitter:🚨 Briony:🚨 Sophie Brown: Unwound is a wellbeing podcast based on the personal experience of the host and invited guests. If you have any concerns about your own physical or mental health please speak to your doctor or health care provider. See for privacy and opt-out information.
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